Coating Thickness Gauge

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Digital Coating Thickness Gauge

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    Measuring Range0 - 1250 um
    Accuracy1 % of reading
    Resolution0.1 um
    Minimum Measurement Area5 mm
    Minimum Sample Thickness0.05 mm
    Power Supply3 x 1.5V AA batteries
    TypeF / NF

    A Digital Coating Thickness Gauge is a specialized instrument used to measure the thickness of coatings applied to substrates, such as metals, plastics, and composites. Here’s an overview of its features, operation, applications, and considerations:

    Features and Components:
    1. Measurement Principle: Utilizes magnetic induction or eddy current technology to measure coating thickness. The choice of technology depends on whether the substrate is ferrous (magnetic) or non-ferrous (non-magnetic).

    2. Probe or Sensor: Contains a probe that is placed on the coated surface to measure the thickness of the coating. The probe may have interchangeable tips or sensors optimized for different types of coatings and substrates.

    3. Digital Display: Equipped with a digital display screen that shows the coating thickness readings in units such as micrometers (μm) or mils (1 mil = 25.4 μm). Some gauges may also display readings in millimeters (mm) or inches (in).

    4. Measurement Range: Covers a wide range of coating thicknesses, from very thin coatings (micrometer range) to thicker coatings (up to several millimeters), depending on the gauge model and application requirements.

    5. Single and Dual Technology: Some advanced models combine both magnetic induction and eddy current technologies in a single gauge, providing versatility to measure coatings on both ferrous and non-ferrous substrates.

    6. Calibration Standards: Requires periodic calibration using certified calibration standards to ensure accuracy and reliability of measurements. Calibration procedures are typically specified by the manufacturer.

    7. Memory and Data Logging: Advanced gauges may have memory storage capabilities to store multiple measurements. They may also offer data logging and connectivity options for transferring measurement data to a computer or external device for further analysis and documentation.

    8. User-Friendly Interface: Designed with intuitive controls and menu navigation for easy operation. Some models may feature touchscreen interfaces or simple button controls for user convenience.

    9. Portable and Handheld: Available in portable handheld versions for field measurements and benchtop models for laboratory and workshop environments. Portable models are typically battery-operated for convenience.

    • Substrate Preparation: Ensure the substrate surface is clean, dry, and free from contaminants that could affect coating thickness measurements.

    • Probe Placement: Place the gauge probe perpendicular to the coated surface. Apply gentle pressure to ensure good contact between the probe and the coating.

    • Measurement: Press the measurement button or trigger on the gauge to initiate the measurement process. The gauge will display the coating thickness reading on the digital screen almost instantaneously.

    • Repeat Measurements: Take multiple measurements at different locations on the substrate to ensure consistency and accuracy. Record and average measurements if necessary.

    • Quality Control: Used in manufacturing industries (automotive, aerospace, electronics) to verify coating thicknesses and ensure compliance with specifications and standards.

    • Corrosion Protection: Essential for measuring protective coatings (e.g., paints, platings) applied to metals to prevent corrosion and degradation.

    • Paint Inspection: Used by painters, inspectors, and maintenance personnel to monitor paint thickness during application and maintenance of structures and vehicles.


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